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You've reached the Gateway to
TGBeauties' Pay Per View Video Collection.

(For your information, members of TGBeauties.com have access to
a separate free XXX transgendered video link in the Members Area)

Please be aware that in order to view either the free sample videos or the full length videos in our Pay Per View Area, you must have a computer capable of supporting Real Player 8.0.

If you don't have that software -- it's available for free below. However you will have to make your own determination as to whether your computer system will meet its operating requirements.

With the advances in computer hardware systems and the continuing drop in prices, if you don't have a system which supports Real Player 8.0, this can be one more reason to think about an upgrade!! ; )


Free XXX Transgendered Video Clip

We're very excited about our ability to share with you the dozens of transgendered videos available here for your viewing pleasure on a pay per view basis right in the privacy of your own home. But we also know that our TGBeauties' admirers enjoy other forms of erotic entertainment as well. So, as part of our continuing effort to be a website where you can a variety of exciting experiences, please feel free to check out our other sample videos and the literally thousands of full length videos available in our TGBeauties' XXX Pay Per View Theater.


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