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When I first started this site, I didn't know much about the internet, but I did know that I wanted to be part of something really creative that would bring happiness to a whole lot of people and also benefit my transgendered sisters.  I feel like we've made a good start in that direction.  One of the things, I've been learning along the way is what techniques are used on the internet to help advertise a website such as ours.  Targeted e-mails (no spam) and word of mouth has pretty much been the way we've grown so far.  We don't clutter our site with all those "banners" you so often see on other websites because our members are already paying to enjoy what we offer them and we don't want to distract them with unwanted information. 

However, I found out along the way that those "banners" aren't just there because people like the sites they lead to -- but rather because they are often income opportunities!!   Each time someone clicks on a banner and goes to the related site, if the person then signs up as a member on the "linked to" website, the webmaster/webmistress earns referral income!!  While we have no plans to add these kinds of banners to TGBeauties, I thought it would be cool to offer our friends and fans all over the world the opportunity to share our own excitement about how much fun TGBeauties is and at the same time give you a chance to make some money (hey nothing wrong with that.. right?).

Our credit card company CCBill has a special program that makes everything incredibly easy!!  and with very little effort on your part, you can earn between 35-60% of the all membership income that is generated by people who click on our "banner" on your site, and then go to our site, check it out and join.  Everything is automatic.  You are notified when someone signs up and you are directly paid by CCBill on a regular basis. You get your own "account" with CCBill and can even review sales statistics and see how you are doing anytime you want. ; )  And obviously, you can drop the program anytime you want.  You control everything!!

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, all you have to do is follow the simple step by step sign-up process which follows.

If you're ready to begin, click here to

Once you've become a TGB Cash Partner, you can check your statistics, see how much money you've earned, adjust your account, etc. by simply following this link:


This can be a lot of fun and will help benefit a lot of people in an easy and effortless way.  If you are a webmaster or webmistress with a "special situation" and/or have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me

XOXOX   June 


If you are already a CCBill Affiliate it's even easier to sign up, just fill in your affiliate info below and you'll be ready to get your banners in no time at all!

Current ID

Follow-up Information
(If you have not as yet signed up for our affiliate program please do so) 

Our basic referral commission is 35%.  You earn that for every sale that is made via the banner you'll have on your website.  Moreover, as long as that person remains a member of you will continue to be entitled to that 35% commission! 

But it doesn't stop there!  There is also an opportunity for you to earn bonuses commissions based on your sales activities, as follows:

Once your commissions have gone beyond $50.00 (that's just 8 basic membership sales) your referral commission goes up to 45%!!  and after you reach $100 -- that rate goes up to 60%!!  All bonuses are calculated on a monthly basis.  Your commission checks will be sent directly to you by CCBill on a weekly basis (checks are only written for amounts over $25.00, so you might occasionally find a rollover if you sales activity is low in any given period).

The next step is to get the special coding you'll need to make sure you receive proper credit for all of the membership sales that will be made by people visiting and joining via our Affiliate Banner(s) on your webpage.

You'll want to cut and paste the special coding that you see below onto your own webpage html code and copy whichever banners you want to have there as well.

The basic coding is as follows:

<a href="http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=90
<img src="BANNER_NAME"></a>

1. You will need to replace the numbers "12345" with the CCBill Affiliate Number you were assigned when you signed up.  This is important to make sure you get the proper credit for the sales you will soon be making.

2. You will need also to replace the words "BANNER_NAME" with the file name of whichever TGB Affiliate Banners you choose to use (see below).

3.  Once you have copied the corrected code onto your html pages, all you have to do is copy one of the TGB Affiliate Banners from this page and upload them into your website -- and you'll be ready to go!!